Unleash Your Creativity: Break Free From Being Boxed In (Or Out)

Have you ever felt boxed in (or out) by someone else’s perception of your creativity? I recently encountered this firsthand during a conversation at a local market. “No offence, but your work isn’t fine art,” casually remarked a fellow artist as we discussed our crafts. Initially caught off guard, I realised that it wasn’t the exclusion from the realm of ‘fine art’ that struck me—it was the act of categorising and ranking creative expression. In that moment, I came to a realisation: when we label and pigeonhole someone else’s work, we smoosh down and exclude where we should be celebrating and unleashing creativity!

The Power of Childhood Influences:

It’s remarkable how early experiences can shape our perceptions of creativity. In my workshops, I start by sharing my philosophy on creativity, emphasising that it’s an innate part of being human. However, childhood influences can disconnect us from our creative selves. From a young age, we’re subjected to labels like ‘creative’ or ‘not creative’. I’ve had participants in their 60s share childhood memories where they can remember the exact moment they became disconnected from their creative self—a heartbreaking reminder of the enduring impact of early experiences.

Like anything in life some things can come a bit easier to some and harder for others but we are capable of learning new things. When we are learning something new we need to be kind to ourselves, we are going to make mistakes, we are going to take a few or many tries to get it right and even if we ‘get it right’ we can always learn more.

I create a safe space to learn, play and make mistakes for my adult participants, to unleash their creativity and reconnect with their creative selves. By the end of the workshop I get to experience a room of adults who have re-introduced themselves to a part that had been silenced for a long time, the joy of witnessing this is a total gift and spurs me on in my own creative reconnection.

unleash your creativity by learning basic technical skills to help you reconnect with your creative self
Embracing Your Innate Creativity:

Creativity isn’t reserved for a select few—it’s inherent in all of us. When we confine ‘creativity’ to an exclusive label, we put up barriers that hinder us from embracing our innate creativity. Regardless of our background or perceived artistic talent, we all possess the capacity to express ourselves creatively. It’s an integral part of our human experience, patiently waiting for us to reconnect with it.

I hear over and over again ‘I wish I was creative’, sometimes it’s in a conversation where I can go deep into creative human philosophy and challenge this thought. But quite often it’s a fleeting moment with a stranger as they pass my market stand. I just want to give everyone who feels like this a big hug and reintroduce them to their innately creative self.

In this world where we share our best selves on screens and post our finest creative moments, there is no room to learn, fail and grow. Creative expression is not supposed to always be ‘instaworthy’, something I am needing to work on for myself too. I have my job, which yes is creative, but also have my creative life, where I can learn, explore, express and make mistakes freely with nothing else moving me along but the innate desire to be creative.

Art Without Boundaries:

Art transcends rigid boundaries and predefined categories. It’s a boundless expression of human imagination, emotion, and experience. Whether showcased in a prestigious gallery or shared at a local market, each creation holds its own unique value and significance. By embracing all forms of creative expression with love, celebration and acceptance we foster a more inclusive creative world.

Photo by Samee Lapham
Breaking Free from Labels:

It has taken me years to call myself an artist. The term ‘artist’ has often evoked images of elite creators whose work adorns the walls of prestigious galleries. Yet I’ve come to realise that to me being an artist means using creative expression to explore and understand the world around me.

As creative individuals, it’s so important for us to liberate ourselves from the constraints of labels and expectations. Our creativity knows no bounds, and we need to celebrate the diversity of artistic expression. Whether our work is deemed “fine” or not, it possesses the power to inspire, evoke emotion, and effect change. Let’s embrace creativity in all its forms and encourage each other to explore its boundless depths together.