Statement Earrings: You Look Great and Support Wildlife Conservation

A Commitment to Cause-driven Collections

This year, I made a deliberate choice to curate collections of my statement earrings centred around causes close to my heart. Each collection helps me to deepen my understanding of pressing global issues, express my concerns through art, and support aligned charities driving positive change.

koala statement earrings
flying fox/fruit bat statement earrings
ring tailed possum statement earrings
Finding Inspiration in Nature

Nature serves as my eternal muse, inspiring my creations with its beauty and resilience. While my previous collections predominantly featured native flora and birds, delving into the world of marsupials, monotremes and mammals presented an exciting challenge. Living amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Dharug and Gundungurra lands in the Blue Mountains provides constant inspiration. Beautiful birds in my backyard, kangaroos munching on our native grasses and gum trees shading walks in the bush. Mother Earth is an endless source of inspiration!

The Choice of Wildlife Conservation

My close friends Sarah Humphreys and Anna Culliton are both WIRES volunteers. I’ve learnt so much from both of them about being a part of the community of earth. Inspired by their dedication I felt compelled to launch our first collection in support of Australian wildlife conservation. The collection symbolises my deep connection and respect to volunteers devoting themselves to safeguarding our unique fauna.

Embracing Action: Supporting Wildlife Rescue Efforts

Empowered by insights from my conversation with Sarah, I want to encourage everyone to take proactive steps in wildlife conservation. From assembling a basic rescue kit for your car to supporting grassroots charities, every action contributes to protecting our cherished wildlife.

Wearing Your Values: Making a Statement

The Wildlife Rescue Collection serves as more than just a fashion statement; it sparks conversations and creates connections.

Such meaningful conversations are prompted by the statement earrings from the wildlife rescue collection. Sharing experiences, knowledge and love for nature.

These statement earrings are a way to bring about conversations, prompt us to reflect on our relationship with nature and wear our values with pride.

Join us in our commitment to wildlife conservation and explore our Wildlife Rescue Collection.

Available until the 1st of June 2024.

With 5% of profits donated to the Wombat Protection Society and Sydney Wildlife Rescue, every purchase supports vital rescue operations and conservation efforts.

Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of our wildlife and take actionable steps towards a brighter future for everyone.