Fruit Bat Earrings

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Fruit Bat earrings, made in Australia with handmade sterling silver earring hooks.

To The Trees earrings celebrate our incredibly unique Australian animals with the first collection for 2024 ‘Wildlife Rescue’ featuring animals that are often in need of help due to humans impact on the environment. We are proudly donating 5% of the profit from each sale shared between the Wombat Protection Society and Sydney Wildlife Rescue.

Two sizes available – Double Dangle with two layers creating dynamics and movement and small single layer earrings that still make a statement! Australiana, environmentally friendly statement earrings. Light on the earth and light on your ears.

They’re super lightweight so perfect for sending overseas as gifts and you can be confident that even with the larger sizes they’re not going to weigh you down!

100% Made in Australia using sustainable materials (FSC certified wood from Australian Hoop Pine) and hand made sterling silver earring hooks. The printing process uses UV printing technology which produces a lightfast and colour fast image digitally printed onto the wood in an environmentally friendly way.

They will be lovingly packaged and sent to you safely wrapped in tissue paper (compostable), paper hex wrap (compostable) and in a sturdy cardboard box (recyclable).


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