My favourite markets and why I love them

Are you a market lover? I hope so! If not why not?! If you know me, you know I’ve got some strong ideas about people power, about lots of different ways to use our privilege to build a brighter world. I am PASSIONATE about people power. How does this connect with markets you ask?

Well, let me tell you! Imagine a Christmas season where you drive to the big shopping centre near you, you think “what?! Isn’t it Christmas?! How come there are no cars here?!?!”, you get a park right near the entry, you wander the aisles, the shops are open but there’s no one around. You think what the heck is going on….? You hear a sound on the wind, the beat of music draws you back towards your car, you follow on the sounds of laughter, conversation, community, you start to smell delicious scents on the air, you see colour and vibrancy up ahead! Is it a mirage?! No! IT’S A MARKET!!!!!

Now that sounds pretty good.. imagine if everyone who could, spent more money at a local market than they did at the big chain stores. What message would that send to the huge mass produced businesses? What if it happened again, year after year? These big businesses might start to think.. oh maybe we need to shift the way we’re doing things, our customers value different things now, we need to change! Sounds woo woo and lofty right? I know, but I believe it.

So! If you’re in Sydney, Newcastle or the Blue Mountains in the next month come and visit me or one of my loved ones at these markets!

NEWCASTLEThe Olive Tree Market

3rd & 17th December | 9am – 2pm

I’ve been a stall holder at The Olive Tree Market for close to 10 years! Justine and the team work hard to create a curated market that celebrates small business, music and food. It’s a bright, colourful and down to earth market held outside in beautiful Civic Park in Newcastle NSW. The vibe of this market is quite unique, with a huge range of stallholders, food stands and music, there are drummers, flags waving in the wind, lots of very cute dogs too!

KATOOMBAWollemi Artisan Market

3rd December | 10am – 2pm

Market folk will know the LUXURY it is of being a stall holder at a local market, the sleep in (kids allowing), short commute and opportunity to connect with other local makers is such a treat. Wollemi is held at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, a beautiful hub in Katoomba with the library, amazing views, outdoor courtyard cafe and shop. I love this market, it’s smaller but super quality, plus so central to the eccentric and eclectic Katoomba Street with great vintage stores and cafes.

LAWSONSummertide Market

4th December | 10am – 3pm

Lyttleton stores is putting on a beautiful summer festival, there will be delicious food and drinks from the Lyttleton kitchen. A perfect spot for a lazy Sunday in summer, picnicking in the gardens and celebrating and supporting community. Lyttleton also has a crowd funding campaign going at the moment to help them recover after the last few years and for them to bring more offerings to the community. Lyttleton is one of those places that we need in the world, a place that focuses on learning and teaching skills for connection and self sufficiency, a place that supports Australian and locally grown produce, a place where you can actively hope and be a part of bringing in a better future.

SYDNEYThe Finders Keepers Market

Friday 9th December | 4pm – 9pm
Saturday 10th December | 10am – 5pm
Sunday 11th December | 10am – 5pm

Finders Keepers, oh my word. Have you been before? It is the kind of market and event that I try to be a part of in anyway I can, whether that is a stall holder or a customer – or both! The energy that the FK team creates and curates is like no other. A three day market with an abundance of local talent, good food, music and vibes. It’s only held twice a year in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and is not a market you want to miss. This years market will be held at The Cutaway in Barangaroo, a stunning spot in Sydney that is well worth a visit. I am always so humbled and honoured to be a part of this market, to see the bare venue transformed into a bustling marketplace of quality, creative and exciting small businesses.

These are markets that I am personally a part of, I know there are so many more across Australia. I would love to hear from you with your favourite local market and why you love it.

I just want to say again that not everyone can buy from markets, I understand that.. but those who can, can make a difference by supporting small businesses. I’m looking forward to being a part of the market world again this year, feeling the energy and celebrating fellow small business owners and creators.

I sincerely hope to see you there!