Market Times

I did my first market at the Olive Tree Market in Newcastle almost 10 years ago. I had a small range of prints and cards (any one remember those big letter cards I first started with?), some homemade bunting (that I still use!), one table and a some flowers bought early in the morning at the market.

For 6 years I did at least 2 markets a month and towards Christmas sometimes I did a market every weekend for 2 months. It was such a pivotal time in my life, I learnt so much as a part of the market community. I met beautiful people and made beautiful friends with my fellow stallholders over the years.

I also made some big mistakes.. do you know once I locked my keys in my car while it was parked in front of my market stall? The NRMA couldn’t come till the market had already started and then I had to drive my car through the crowds of people. At the time I was crying and crying, incredibly embarrassed and very stressed out, it’s funny now to be able to laugh at it!

Little baby faced me! Growing my skills and exploring new products. Since the beginning of selling my products I have always used recycled paper for my art prints and greeting cards. I always sold them in plastic sleeves and over the years have explored other options for limiting plastic packaging in my business.

I grew up, had babies and brought my babies to the markets with me. I have had all my family rally around me to help me set up, entertain my kids, ferry stock and stands to and from the car and keep me company during the day for which I am so grateful for.

I love market life and I’m so thankful I got to be a part of those communities in the early years of my business. If you’re starting out in your business I would so recommend doing markets, it’s so hard in this time of pandemic and insane weather brought on by climate change, but if you can attend local markets as a stallholder or for a day out I can not recommend it highly enough.

I’m excited for the markets I have coming up this year too, check out my event page and follow me on socials to find out when To The Trees will be at a market near you.