introduction – hello!

Hello! Welcome to the to the trees blog. Here we’ll be sharing everything from our process for new work, eco packaging, favourite art supplies, action you can take to redirect your life towards the trees (aka eco living tips!) also little snippets of our life – life with kids, building a straw bale house and growing a garden as well as lots more!

For our first post we’d like to introduce you to the To The Trees team.

Hello! I’m Lauren, the director/CEO of To The Trees. You might know me from my previous illustration business Lauren Merrick Illustration. I decided to rebrand to To The Trees for a few reasons that you can read in the ‘about’ section of our website. But mainly I felt that ‘Lauren Merrick Illustration’ had run it’s course, I wanted to work on a team and as a team (even if to start with it’s still mainly me!) and to be able to explore other materials, styles and products. I’m a mother to two little ones and am building a house made out of straw on Darug and Gundungurra Land in the Blue Mountains. I would love for my family to be as self sustainable as we can and to instil in my children hope for the future and responsibility of being good stewards for Mother Earth. 

Steve: supporter/order packer/brain stormer/father/

Tom and Dawn are the kind of workers who are fun to have around, but they don’t get a lot done and everyone knows they hinder more than help when it comes to the practical side of business but they have a permanent job anyway. These two bring light and love, passion, laughter, creativity and hope for the future.

There are others who I consider on the team too, friends, parents, sisters, and other family who brain storm with us and cheer this business and our life on! To whom I am thankful.

Talk soon!