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From initial idea to final artwork

Have you ever wondered how an artist might end up at their final piece? Where did the idea come from and did it change much from the initial concept to finished work?

On my instagram I’ve been sharing some process reels and images from the sketch to final art of the artworks in my 2022 calendar.

It’s been a really lovely thing for me to do as I rarely look back at how the idea grew and how it turned out.

I will often think for a very long time before putting anything down on paper, I mull things over for days, weeks, sometimes months or years! But when the moment it right I get my trusty sketch book and I use a 2B pencil and just get all the ideas and images out of my head. I don’t worry about what it looks like at this stage, just go with the flow!

Then I look at the mind explosion now out on my head and onto the paper and I pick out parts that I like and parts that I want to keep working through and move onto more thought out sketches playing with composition and detail. Sometimes I can stop at this stage and from there move to my coloured roughs and sometimes I need to refine and refine until I’m happy with the way it looks.

I use my phone to take a photo of my sketch, air drop it to my computer and open it up in photoshop. I then work out the kinds of colours I’ll use.

I usually have a good idea of what medium I’ll do the final piece when I start out with the idea, photoshop is also a good place to play with possible mediums too!

There’s just a little snap shot into my process.

Yours in radical and active hope!