Connecting to your inner creative through a guided workshop

Over the last couple of months I’ve have the pleasure of creating content for two different workshops for beginners – watercolour and drawing. I had an incredible time facilitating these workshops, I’ve written some reflections on the experience and have included some tips and tricks for you to try at home!

My philosophy about creativity is that it is innate. It is within us all and has been since the beginning of humankind. We are creative and we need to hone that connection between our eyes, brain and hands. Sometimes this happens from early on in our lives, if we’re labeled as ‘creative’ we have the freedom to follow that path, when we are told the opposite – we stop. A lot of the participants in my recent workshops have stopped being connected to that part of themselves and are beginning to take the steps to rekindle that fire that delights and inspires, that grows and engages. 

One of the first things we do together is to learn about colour theory, to explore the different colours we can achieve by mixing colour and water. This has been such a joyful part of the day!


There is a childlike delight, wonder and curiosity that comes when we explore and create through painting.

“I felt energised by Lauren’s creativity and accessible strategies. Lauren is a positive and encouraging teacher”

Here is something you can try at home to reintroduce you to your creative self. 

Take a sheet of sketching paper or newspaper or an envelope or bank statement and a pencil, crayon, pen, coloured pencil and fill the whole page with marks! Just doodle and explore what happens when you hold your pencil in different ways, when you use your non dominant hand, when you use different pressure and just make marks with the only purpose being to experiment and to fill your whole page. This is a really lovely way to draw with no judgements or outcomes other than to make marks and continue to hone that connection of eye to brain to hand.